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What is it?

Presently reduction in CO2 inhabits a condition called ‘externality’ where neither producer nor user benefits financially by reducing it; it’s not a market driven condition. All this will presumably change when carbon is taxed at source; but in which countries will this actually happen?

FOOTPRINT+ has brought together the cleverest people we can find in the UK to talk to us about how to do this. The event will be attended by companies who want to know what to do; they need to because their investors are making them do it.

This is a fascinating world where technology is moving fast, laws are changing and vast sums of money are changing hands. As John Kerry, the USA’s top climate diplomat told the CERAWeek oil conference this year “There’s a lot of money now chasing this new future”.

On the 9th June, the final afternoon of FOOTPRINT+, we are inviting in students who are embarking on or considering a career in the ever changing property industry. Providing a platform to meet people who are already making a difference. It will be a once a year opportunity to make these potentially life-changing connections, be you a fledgling architect, engineer, lawyer or financier.

All that we ask is that you turn up prepared to talk and listen. Hopefully see you there.


If you are interested in your students and college participating and want more information please contact Sophie


Register today to attend on the 9th June


*Registration will only be honoured if email address used.

Adam Brockley, founder, Scape Student Living

‘The idea of the jobs fair on the last day is brilliant. It’s exactly what school and university leavers need, and as a CDO, I realise that finding high-calibre candidates to work for your organisation is a hugely time-absorbing process.’

Peter Kyle MP and Shadow Minister for Justice

‘I’m over the moon that organisers have chosen Hove as the place to showcase to the world how we can build sustainable developments and reduce the carbon footprint of future building projects and the existing building stock. If we’re to succeed in tackling the climate crisis these are the conversations, we need to be having’
Who's Attending

Who's Attending