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Barrett Steel

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Barrett Steel

The Barrett Green Solutions isn’t a mere buzzword.

It’s our roadmap, meticulously crafted over years, guiding us to our 2035 net-zero commitment.

Our Barrett Green Solutions ‘whole of market’offering allows us to take a blended supply approach to mix manufacturers, products, and grades on projects,

even on those with the most stringent of embodied carbon restrictions.

Our Barrett Green Steel Reporting Solution simplifies embodied carbon reporting, empowering designers and fabricators in erecting sustainable infrastructures.

As the industry's focus sharpens on carbon-efficient designs, our reporting tool offers invaluable insights, highlighting actual carbon values, intelligent design decisions, and savings achieved.

Requests for reductions in embodied carbon on steel superstructures will become more frequent as the industry strives to shift the peak towards improving the carbon efficiency with better building design and our itemised

Embodied Carbon Reporting frees our clients to focus on fabrication.

Simply specifying one manufacturing route over another simply limits availability, reduces design options and ultimately risks competitiveness.

Instead, we believe the value lies in the actual carbon values, report collation, smart design choices and a more blended approach.

“Through our Carbon reporting tool, we can not only show the embodied carbon, including all transportation CO₂, but also be able to report on the overall carbon saved on each complete project and this year we will have removed around 300,000 tonnes of embodied carbon from UK construction projects!

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