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Building from England's Woodlands

08 Jun 2023
The Timber Stage
Timber Stage

The Forestry Commission are funding research into the suitability and viability of English native species such as oak, beech, sweet chestnut, birch, sycamore, ash, alder, and willow for structural timber systems. Scalable solutions will be developed, and tested for their suitability for MMC use (eg cross-laminated timber and glue-laminated timber, wood fibre insulation). Strength grading of each species will make it easier to mass produce timber products for modern methods of construction.  

By manufacturing viable and scalable homegrown timber alternatives to carbon-intensive materials, we are aiming to reduce the UK’s reliance on imported products. Widening the range of species that provide a domestic wood supply could also provide a boost for localised manufacturing facilities and supply chains

Stephanie Burrell, Forestry Economy Lead - World Economic Forum
Marlene Cramer - New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE)
Matt Stevenson, Founder & Managing Director - Ecosystems Technologies
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