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Cities leading the energy transition

06 Jun 2023
Zero Carbon Energy Stage
Zero Carbon Energy

As the decarbonisation of the heat and transport sectors lead to energy systems decentralising and digitalising, cities find themselves in the lead, from greening of the grid to behaviour change. 

Solutions need to be tailored as cities benefit from different actions across their urban structure, decarbonisation investment and consumer engagement. The property sector must use this to collaborate with city governments, tenants, investors, energy suppliers and networks. When to focus on data platforms and IoT solutions? Flexibility in smart heating and charging? Solar rooftops? EVs as floating batteries? 

Dr Stephen Lorimer - Centre for Net Zero part of the Octopus Energy Group
Ben Savours, Economic Consultant - ARUP
Molly Webb, Founder - Energy Unlocked
Agnieszka Siluszek, Project Coordinator - Urban Innovative Actions
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