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A competitive market: Sustainable supply chains in combatting climate change

06 Jun 2023
Financing the Carbon Revolution Stage
Financing the Carbon Revolution

Supply chains have a huge impact on the carbon emitted by the construction industry. This session covers a range of intersecting issues:

  • What's driving the transformation of supply chains? Is it reducing carbon emissions, optimising resources, or regulatory compliance?
  • What are the benefits of investing in practices and technologies to improve the traceability of supply chains?
  • Should cost savings be the only motivator for supply chains or should ROI measurements include intangible impacts and green outcomes?
  • What other factors influence responsible finance and business resilience?
Sam McClary, Editor - EG
Kate Larsen, Director of ESG - Supply ES Change
Jeff Blaylock, Senior Consultant - Deepki
Clodagh Cant, Senior Sustainability Consultant - Longevity Partners

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