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Green Loan Financing – better finance for a better future?

08 Jun 2023
Financing the Carbon Revolution Stage
Financing the Carbon Revolution

Whilst many organisations are seeking to become more sustainable to achieve Net Zero, investment and funding can be some of the biggest challenges to achieving decarbonisation and green business operations, particularly for smaller and charitable organisations. Green Loans can play a significant role by providing loan funding to finance or refinance green projects such as renewable energy, increased energy efficiency, green buildings and retrofit projects.

Bates Wells and CAF Bank will lead a discussion exploring:

  • What Green Loans are and why have them? – Can’t I do the right thing anyway?
    • Potential for reduced borrowing costs
    • Ability to clearly signal your priorities
  • What it means to be a lender or borrower of green loans:
    • Are green loans just a badge for doing something nice?
    • Who pays?
  • How green finance could potentially accelerate achievement of your Net Zero goals
    • Green loans are specific use-of-proceeds facilities
    • Allocation of capital and resources towards net-zero ambitions
    • Green finance not only for mega deals – making good financial instruments available to all
  • Defending against accusations of greenwashing
    • Be whiter than white by being greener than green – green loans for green projects
    • Transparency
Sung-Hyui Park, Partner - Bates Wells
Karli Hiscock, Partner - Bates Wells
Richard Hunt, Head of Customer & Lending - CAF Bank
Johnny Moon, Leads on sustainability - CAF Bank

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