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NABERS UK - A Tool for Investors to Drive Improvement in Energy Performance of Buildings

06 Jun 2023
Financing the Carbon Revolution Stage
Financing the Carbon Revolution

NABERS UK is becoming the rating of choice for property owners to measure and improve the energy performance of buildings. A number of industry bodies in the UK have acknowledged the critical role NABERS UK will play in delivering Net Zero and have since incorporated it within their own standards and guidance. 

  • What sets NABERS UK apart? 
  • How are property owners, lenders and investors using NABERS UK to drive and finance change?
  • Do we need a cultural shift to roll out NABERS UK at scale and what will assist the transition?
Amrita Dasgupta Shekhar, Energy and Carbon Lead - Greengage Environmental
Sarah Ratcliffe, CEO - Better Buildings Partnership
Peter Williams, Senior Advisor – Technical Design - Stanhope
Malcolm Hanna, Senior Sustainability Manager - Legal and General Investment Management

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