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Havelock: Establishing the level of retrofit

08 May 2024
Retrofit Agenda Stage
Retrofit Agenda

Havelock is a Manchester office building that was ready to be repositioned by Credit Suisse Asset Management. Elements including the original services were beyond their useful lifecycle and would have struggled to attract strong covenant occupiers. Working in close collaboration, the project team including development manager Simten, OMI Architects, Savills Earth and Savills specialist GreenFiT Project Management team were able to define the level of retrofit proposed by considering shifting market expectations, the uncertainty over upcoming ESG requirements for commercial letting, and the client’s own net zero ambitions.

A series of whole life carbon option appraisals, considered light touch through to demolition and rebuild, ultimately demonstrated that deep retrofit would provide the best value and outcome. A key element of the planning process was making sure that all stakeholders and interested parties were made aware of the positive green credentials associated with the proposed works to the building. In this discussion, the Savills team will take you through the key decisions and processes that enabled them to breathe new life into the building and ensure it would be fit for the future.

Gary Bulloch, Director - Savills
Ottillie Heyes, Graduate Building Surveyor - Savills
Stephen Lloyd, Sustainable Design Specialist - Savills
Anthony Leonard, Head of International Real Estate Funds - Credit Suisse Asset Management
Philip Etchells, Associate Director - OMI Architects
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