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Access to Air: Making heat pumps work

08 May 2024
Zero Carbon Energy Stage
Zero Carbon Energy

In this session we will set out to provide a primer for what people need to know to consider heat pumps in heritage buildings, across large estates consisting of multiple buildings and constrained city centre sites:

  • how do the heat pumps get sufficient access to air to provide heating and cooling, and without causing cold air nuisance
  • what are the options when heat pumps have the potential to be visually or acoustically obtrusive
  • what are the key considerations that need to be in focus early in the project and when making planning applications

Using the examples of Hillingdon Civic centre, a mid-1970s purpose-built municipal headquarters; Sidgwick Site (University of Cambridge), a site containing a variety of different building ages and occupancies types; and Pembroke College Dolby Court, a site redevelopment in a constrained city centre location, delegates can pick up the top tips for approaching the energy transition for their assets.

Andrew Money, Director - Carbon Futures
Suzanne Goulder, Engineer - JGC Consulting Engineers
David Kennedy, Managing Director - Pure Renewables
David Green, Project Portfolio Leader - University of Cambridge
Carbon Futures
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