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Round Table with Lockton - Bridging the Gap Between Insurance, Risk Management in a decarbonised built environment.

08 May 2024
Round Table Room

Join us for an engaging 60-minute roundtable discussion focused on Insurance and Risk Management.  Hosted by Lockton’s experts: Rachel Norris, Peter Chesterfield and Lily Strange from Lockton's Global Real Estate and Construction Practice.

What to expect from the session:


  • Understanding how to navigate long-term insurance protections amidst the challenges posed by physical climate factors and modern construction methodologies.
  • How evolving trends in decarbonised built environments are impacting insurance programmes and integrating effective risk management strategies for optimised outcomes.
  • Showcasing the pivotal role of collaboration among startup companies, developers, asset owners, insurance brokers, risk engineers, and insurers have in driving forward the ESG agenda.
  • Addressing the considerations for insurance losses before they occur.

We want to hear from you, whether it be sharing your challenges or presenting case examples. We hope the session will provide collaborative insights, focused on facilitating a dynamic exchange, and providing valuable support on how to effectively navigate a critical facet of the built environment.

Additionally, we are honoured to welcome Darren Tanner, Head of Real Estate Specialty at AXA Insurance Plc, who will offer valuable perspectives from an insurer's standpoint.


Rachel Norris, Senior Vice President - Lockton LLP
Peter Chesterfield, Senior Vice President | Global Real Estate & Construction - Lockton LLP
Lily Strange - Lockton LLP
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