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Bringing Nature into the City: The benefits of living with nature

09 May 2024
The Nature Stage
The Nature Stage
Eden is an 11-storey office building in Manchester with a host of sustainability goals. This session will focus on the benefits of its living wall. Featuring 350,000 plants and 32 different species the system replaces regular cladding at a reasonable cost. Attracting birds, bees and bugs, it will provide a huge increase in biodiversity. The plants also remove air pollutants, reduce urban temperatures, and ultimately capture carbon. The team behind it will present:
  • how and where it can be installed
  • what needs to be done to maintain it
  • as a soil-based system how it compares to other living wall solutions
  • what are the benefits for carbon sequestration and a host of other sustainability metrics
Angeli Ganoo-Fletcher, Landscape Director - PRP
Chris Scott, Development Director - Muse Places
Steve McIntyre, Principal Environmental Consultant - Viritopia
Carolin Gohler, President-Elect - Landscape Institute
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