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Breakfast Briefing with SRE: Cathedral Hill: A Blueprint for Retrofitting Success

09 May 2024
Retrofit Agenda Stage
Fringe , Retrofit Agenda

Achieving a net zero economy by 2050 is a significant challenge for the UK. This Breakfast Briefing will delve into the potential benefits of adopting a retrofit-first strategy and its role in advancing our journey towards net zero. 

Retrofitting holds the promise of reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption and utility expenses, but what are the actual reductions being achieved?

A successful retrofit can enhance indoor air quality and thermal comfort, but is this happening in reality?

We know that retrofitting incurs significant costs, but what exactly are our expenditure figures and what financial savings will the client and occupier realise?

Join SRE and Savills Investment Management who aim to answer these questions and more by measuring the impacts of retrofitting the award-winning Cathedral Hill Industrial Estate, Guildford.

This session will cover key factors involved in the retrofit, from initial client objectives, the process itself, outcomes and how what has been learned can apply equally to retrofit and new build projects. 


Anna Maclean, Managing Director - SRE
Cara Palmer, Sustainability Director - SRE
Lucy Winterburn, Director of Investment - Savills Investment Management
Andrew Pratt, Managing Director - HBS Construct
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