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Concrete: Developments in the supply chain

09 May 2024
Material Futures Stage
Material Futures

There are myriad concrete technologies in development around the world, but the majority of these are at the laboratory stage and not ready to deploy. In this session we cover three of those that have made it to the supply chain: GGBS, limestone fines, and calcined clays.

GGBS is a finite resource. What should developers and specifiers know about making the best use of the limited supply to drive down the carbon emissions of concrete?

Limestone fines and calcined clays are abundant resources. They can be used separately or in combination (as "LC3") to deliver carbon savings on a similar level to a high-GGBS mix concrete. Some concretes using these can achieve as much as a 50% lower carbon footprint than ordinary "CEM I" concrete. What are the realities of using these products in the UK and what is the potential to scale production to meet demand?

Laura Batty, Senior Associate - Heyne Tillett Steel
Cassandre Legalliard, Product Manager - London Concrete
Will Arnold, Head of Climate Action - IStructE
Gareth Wake, Director - Mineral Products Association
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