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Breakfast Briefing with Modus: How is ESG driving asset performance?

09 May 2024
Financing the Carbon Revolution Stage
Fringe , Financing the Carbon Revolution

Real estate businesses, funds and assets with a robust understanding of how to leverage ESG benefits through their activities place themselves at a strategic advantage in the market - minimising risk and enhancing future resilience – so it’s more important than ever to understand this trend for long term commercial success.

Join Workplace Futures Group, Modus and Lifeproven to debate the influence of ESG on the rapidly evolving landscape of real estate investments, and reveal how to develop a robust ESG strategy that focuses on enhancing both the financial and impact performance over time. 

This session will cover several key factors involved in implementing and maintaining a successful ESG strategy through all key real estate stages; including pre-acquisition due diligence, design and funding targets, engaging key stakeholders to understand the additional value you deliver for them,  procuring the right contracting team to deliver your strategy, capturing key ESG data through construction and operation, and also leveraging the right information to drive rental or sales demand.


Tim White, Chief Operating Officer - Workplace Futures Group
Adam Hinds, Co-Founder - LifeProven
Juliet Price, Project Director - Modus
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