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Facades at the heart of retrofit strategy

08 May 2024
Material Futures Stage
Material Futures

Facades are the skin of a building playing a role in thermal efficiency, daylighting and aesthetics etc. Improving the external envelope of buildings can be one of the most effective ways to alter a potentially stranded asset and give it a long term future, saving the embodied carbon within the existing building. What considerations should be foremost in the project team’s mind? This session will cover:

  • establishing the trade-off between operational and embodied carbon costs of different solutions
  • replacement of glazing, thermal elements and cladding materials
  • early engagement with contractors 
Gianluca Rapone, Sustainability Lead - FMDC
Matthew Mapp, Head of Whole Life Carbon - Sweco
Margaux Basalo, Facade Package Manager - Mace Group
Laura Collins, Project Director - Stanhope
Emily Watson, Director - Stiff + Trevillion
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