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Furniture: Reuse is the new black

09 May 2024
Energy / Interiors Focus Stage
Interiors Focus

Interior office refits take place on average every 3 years and hospitality every 5-7 years causing a huge amount of furniture to enter landfill. Furniture also often uses non-recyclable single use plastics, foams and fabrics. 

Key members of the supply chain at the forefront of the linear to circular transformation discuss the hierarchy of furniture reuse:

  • Design for disassembly and repair
  • Refurbishment and reuse of existing furniture and developing the reuse supply chain
  • Introduction of recyclable materials in designs
  • Use of low-carbon materials in manufacture
  • Furniture leasing
Cat Drew, Chief Design Officer - The Design Council
Richard Ryll, Managing Director - Clear Environment
Duncan Riches, Editor - SCP
Joanna Knight, Co-Founder - The Sustainable Design Collective
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