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Glass: A viable circular commodity

09 May 2024
Material Futures Stage
Material Futures

The majority of construction glass goes to landfill because the industry has not established the knowledge and procedures to divert this precious and carbon-intensive commodity back into the supply chain. As with all materials, the journey to reuse starts with identifying the glass within a building to understand what can be accepted as cullet back into the float manufacturers' furnaces. The panel will guide you through the entire process of assessment, removal and remanufacture illustrated with the first significant examples of construction glass recycling taking place over the next months.

Katherine Adams, Director - Reusefully
David Entwistle, Head of Major Projects - Saint-Gobain
Graeme DeBrincat, Associate - Arup
Brody Isaac, Head of Sustainability - McLaren Construction
Nils Rage, Head of ESG - Stanhope
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