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Green skills: The workforce of the future

08 May 2024
The Nature Stage
The Nature Stage

According to the Local Government Association, nearly 700,000 direct jobs could be created in the low-carbon and renewable energy economy in England alone by 2030, rising to more than 1.18 million by 2050. The large scale rollout of retrofit and other construction activities necessary to deliver low-carbon real estate is dependant on the development of a skilled workforce. How do we encourage people to train for these roles and what will be needed to make these dreams become reality?

Mark Richardson, Partner - Troup Bywater + Anders LLP
Nathan Fall, Woodland Manager - Nicholsons Forestry & Landscapes
Richard Bull, Deputy Dean - Nottingham Trent University
Tabitha Binding, Timber Knowledge, Skills and Training
Duncan Brown, Assistant Director of Regeneration & Economic Recovery - Royal Borough of Kingston Council
troup Bywater Anders
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