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Investing in natural capital: Benefits and challenges

09 May 2024
The Nature Stage
The Nature Stage

Our economies depend on the resources given to them for ‘free’ by nature and the environment. Construction activities are highly dependent on these resources. Increasingly, the international community is recognising the vital role of nature and biodiversity in tackling the climate challenge in a way that enables communities to thrive. This growing international focus on preserving and restoring natural landscapes is creating new alternative asset classes based on nature itself.

How can we ensure that the complex ecosystems on which life depends are not depleted? How can construction businesses invest in natural capital and what are the some of positive outcomes?

Emily Day, Technical Director - FOOTPRINT+
Graham Edgell, Director of Procurement and Sustainability - Morgan Sindall
Mike Allcock, Chairman - FW Thorpe
Andrew Sowerby, Director - Pryor & Rickett Silviculture
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