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Jacking up steel reuse

09 May 2024
Material Futures Stage
Material Futures

Steel is the most carbon-intensive structural material, and it’s all around us. Much of the steel reuse conversation is about salvaging steel from ‘donor’ structures and reusing it for another building. This reduces embodied carbon and material use but still requires demolition and material transportation.

  • What if we could avoid demolition, transporting steel and their negative impacts?
  • What if we could keep the steel elements within a building and simply move them around to suit a new use?
  • What if we could jack up entire floors or facades and raise the bar for steel reuse?

To answer these questions a project team composed of Elliott Wood, Deconstruct, Buckley Gray Yeoman and Simten decided to do the heavy lifting. Join them as they discuss elevating entire floors taking the building from six to eight floors, leading to a 30% increase in floor area, and reducing embodied and transport emissions and materials use along the way.

George Georgiou
Stephen Dorer, Steelwork Operations Director - Deconstruct UK
Daniel Bassett, Associate - Elliott Wood
Rachael Owens, Head of Sustainability - Buckley Gray Yeoman
Rachel Broughton, Development Director - Simten
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