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Breakfast Briefing with Polycor, Albion Stone and Hutton Stone: Mayfield School: Redefining construction norms

09 May 2024
Material Futures Stage
Fringe , Material Futures

Mayfield School's Health & Wellbeing Centre integrates natural materials such as stone and timber in an innovative and sustainable way, with a special focus on the revolutionary use of low-carbon stone brick. Addressing not only the physical and psychological needs of students the building serves as an educational tool on sustainability. Spatial and material considerations result in a design that is warm, protective, and conducive to mental well-being.

Substituting traditional fired clay brick with stone brick delivers an 86% reduction in carbon emissions. The stone brick's cutting process, powered by renewable electricity, offers flexibility in size and shape, presenting cost-effective solutions for brick specials. Strength and size advantages open doors to larger format units, enabling the use of single stone blocks for lintels and monumental slabs for entrance portals. The stone's unique chemical makeup provides practical benefits such as enhanced compressive strength, resistance to efflorescence, and superior fire performance.

The carbon savings achieved with the stone brick are substantial, resulting in a reduced overall carbon footprint per square meter. The project sets an example of how sustainable design can be both cost-effective and sustainable. 


Valerie Bergeron, Business Development Director - Polycor
Joe Chilvers, Associate - Adam Richards Architects
Marcus Paine, Managing Director - Hutton Stone
Michael Poultney, Managing Director - Albion Stone
Polcor hutton Albion
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