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MMC offsite timber-frame houses delivering on performance, cost, quality and carbon reduction

08 May 2024
The Timber Stage
The Timber Stage

Spencer’s Park is the largest of eight sites included in Homes England’s Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Research Commission. The purpose of this Commission is to collect a body of verifiable data from a range of MMC typologies throughout the lifecycle of a development, from construction to post-occupation. Data collected at these eight sites will be made available to developers and the wider industry, to promote understanding of these new technologies and the wider benefits of MMC generally.

Joe Giddings, UK Networks Lead - Built by Nature
Simon Horn, Technical Development Manager - Donaldson Timber Systems
Rory Bergin, Head of Sustainability - HTA Design
Rachel Witcherley, Technical Manager, Sustainability - Homes England
Donaldson Timber
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