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Optoppen: Appraising your portfolio for vertical extensions in timber

08 May 2024
The Timber Stage
The Timber Stage

Lightweight timber extensions can achieve large increases of accommodation with lower embodied energy and utilising existing foundations.

Engaging a design team to appraise your portfolio for extensions opportunities can be time consuming and costly. 

A new free, open access digital tool is being developed to enable property owners and asset managers to do this for themselves. Hear from the designers of the tool on the objectives and the level of detail needed as input to the tool and watch a live demonstration of the process in action.

If you would like to submit one or more buildings as the demonstration portfolio please contact FOOTPRINT+!

Harri Lewis, Co-Founder - Mule Studio
Robert Mills, Associate Director - Whitby Wood
Karianne Kraaijestein, Director - Pure Mind Management
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