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Socio-economic impacts of regenerative construction

09 May 2024
The Nature Stage
The Nature Stage

Regenerative construction is an approach to planning, design and construction that aims to create sustainable, resilient, and thriving communities. It goes beyond traditional sustainable development, beyond recycling and reuse, by focusing on restoring and replenishing ecosystems, enhancing social well-being, and fostering economic vitality. Success in regenerative construction is reliant on the value chain working together.

This session will focus on the findings of a novel digital project completed by Morgan Sindall Construction and their partners to re-consider how a secondary school that they completed in 2021 could be re-imagined as a regenerative asset. The project specifically identified the socio-economic impacts arising from renewable processes and products. What are the implications for supply chain, communities, government and individuals?

Simon Corbey, Director - ASBP
Gary Newman, Chief Executive - Woodknowledge Wales Ltd
Orla Whelan, Customer Solutions & Portfolio Development Director - Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland
Liz Allen, Partner - The Connectives
Timothy Clement, Head of Carbon & Environment - Morgan Sindall
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