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Sustainably-managed timber supply chains

08 May 2024
The Timber Stage
The Timber Stage

Poorly-managed forestry can cause greater environmental impact than any benefit from building with wood so the origins of timber and the stewardship of forests are critical to sustainable development. How can the industry be certain that material used in construction is from well-managed sources? 

The world’s largest certification program, PEFC are planning to broaden the remit of the scheme to include carbon and biodiversity impacts in addition to existing metrics. A project to map timber supply chains is underway exploring ways to bring greater transparency and granular detail to the mass timber supply chain with the intention to provide specifiers with the certainty they need.

Edward Sneddon, Director - Simten
Dr. Asselia Katenbayeva, Research Associate - ASBP
John Kirkby, Executive Director - PEFC
Hannes Voss, Senior Project Manager - Eurban
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