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Think Tank with UCEM: The role of stakeholders in materials innovation

09 May 2024
Material Futures Stage
Fringe , Material Futures

Join the University College of Estate Management to explore the future of materials and go beyond the limitations of a society determined by its technology. While the mainstream narrative places technological advancement within the sector as the magic fix for every and all sustainability challenges, this session will question that rhetoric for a more nuanced approach.

This session will delve into an alternative perspective that considers the historical context of the past, current realities of the present, and future possibilities, exploring:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Heritage materials
  • Innovation uptake
  • Supply chains
  • Buildings as material banks
  • Circular economy

Central to our discussion is the recognition of the role of stakeholder’s agency and interests in how we transition to future materials, along with the institutional norms around procurement and investment. We will examine how different agents, whether they are at a niche, regime, or landscape level, shape the trajectory of material choices at various levels of influence and involvement.

Graeme Larsen, Associate Dean (Sustainability) - UCEM
Richard Davies, Senior Lecturer - University College of Estate Management
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