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Tools to sequence retrofitting programme across a portfolio

08 May 2024
Financing the Carbon Revolution Stage
Financing the Carbon Revolution

There are growing regulatory and commercial risks associated with older, less energy-efficient buildings. Over 70% of the UK’s commercial stock was built before 2000 so a huge proportion of buildings will require retrofitting to meet Net Zero goals. 
Building on the industry-led work by the UKGBC Task Group, the panel will debate the successful delivery of net-zero focussed retrofits. Using analysis from completed projects they demonstrate how significant reductions in operational energy are possible through optimising buildings and light retrofit works, which can be undertaken by either landlord or occupier. The bigger wins come from deep retrofit.

This session will  provide clarity on how to implement net zero retrofit, illustrate the opportunities available from transitioning less-efficient assets towards net zero and show both asset owners and occupiers how to benefit from the process in the short, medium and long-term.

Ranjeet Bhalerao, Co-Founder - MapMortar
Anna Hollyman, Co-Head of Regenerative Places - UKGBC
Olivia Phillips, Associate Director of Sustainability - Canary Wharf Group
Amrita Dasgupta Shekhar, Head of ESG and Net Zero - Greengage Environmental
Richard Hillyard, Head of Sustainability - The Langham Estate
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