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What can we learn from New York City’s Urban Policy?

08 May 2024
Retrofit Agenda Stage
Retrofit Agenda

In 2019 New York City adopted a unique piece of legislation called Local Law 97 setting out operational GHG emission limits for all buildings in the city, both new and existing.  A first of its kind internationally, the standard sets maximum emission levels by building program and type, which become progressively stricter until 2050, and sets fines for non-compliant owners. As the law comes into effect in 2024, hear from design and engineering experts from NYC on the implications of meeting these requirements and the effects they are having on development, covering:

  • the history and development of Local Law 97, and what it requires from buildings
  • its effect on the approach to design being taken by developers, institutions and the building industry in general
  • its relation with energy code requirements and voluntary certifications like LEED
  • its specific impact on the development of key ongoing projects

In this session we explore the financial and legislative levers being pulled and ask if they could work in the UK.

Emily Mansfield, Associate Sustainability Consultant - Calford Seadon
Shanta Tucker, Director - Atelier Ten
Elie Gamberg, Principal - KPF
Calford Seaden
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