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Xylo: The largest all-timber frame office building in the UK

09 May 2024
The Timber Stage
The Timber Stage

Xylo, the largest consented all-timber office building in the UK, is a 9-storey, glulam and CLT framed office building in Clerkenwell. Designed as a kit of parts, it proposes a new typology of sustainable office building based around the future adaptability and the wellbeing of its occupants. This whole building approach to sustainability demonstrates that when retrofit isn’t an option, Mass Timber can offer the most environmentally responsible approach. Exceeding the sustainability targets set by both the GLA and Camden Council, this building has been calculated to lower operational carbon emissions by up to 82% over a typical office building. The offsite fabrication of the timber structure lowers the construction phase carbon emissions and as a result, overall embodied emissions will be 25% better than the aspirational GLA WLC benchmark and better than the UKGBC Case for Net Zero Feasibility Study Stretch Targets. 

Karianne Kraaijestein, Director - Pure Mind Management
Andy Heyne, Director - Heyne Tillett Steel
Chris Price, Sustainability Consultant and Embodied Carbon Specialist - Max Fordham LLP
Jason Coe, Associate - Piercy & Co
Andrew Ross, Development Director - Global Holdings

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