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Delivering sustainable places at Meridian Water

07 Jun 2022
Stage 1
Zero Carbon Energy

Achieving carbon neutral development at scale in Enfield.

Meridian Water is a £6bn, 25-year regeneration programme led by Enfield Council to develop 10,000 homes and commercial premises resulting in around 6,000 jobs next door to the beautiful Lee Valley Regional Park. Enfield Council and the project team discuss:

  • how global and national imperatives get are delivered at the scale of a neighbourhood
  • how new procedures, data and information can lead to more efficient resource use, lower embodied carbon and green local jobs
  • how an increase in biodiversity, space for nature and urban greening can be implemented to contribute to healthy and enjoyable places
  • how the council as Master-developer is bringing this all together to achieve a green jobs and a climate neutral development by 2030
Rafe Bertram, Sustainability Facilitator - Enfield Council
Pooran Desai MA (Oxon) OBE HonFRIBA, CEO - One Planet
Gabriela Costa , Principal Sustainability Consultant, Places Lead (Expedition Engineering and Useful Projects - Useful Projects
Daniel Rea, Director - Periscope
Gilli Hobbs , Associate - Net Positive Solutions
Who's Attending

Who's Attending