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Glasgow Avenues: Putting people at the heart of the city 

07 Jun 2022
Stage 2
Zero Carbon Energy
Glasgow Avenues: Putting people at the heart of the city 

Glasgow City Council’s £115m Avenues project will see key streets in Glasgow city centre transformed as part of the ‘Enabling Infrastructure Integrated Public Realm’ (EIIPR). The largest project of its kind in the UK, the programme aims to:

  • improve connectivity
  • introduce sustainable green infrastructure through attractive streetscapes and enhancing biodiversity
  • protect space for cyclists and pedestrians
  • improve the way public transport is accommodated. 


It will put people at the heart of the city, bringing economic, social and environmental benefits and transform the perceptions of the city for all those who live, work and visit.

Christopher Martin, Director - Urban Movement
Stephen O'Malley, Co-Founding Director - Civic Engineers
Paola Pasino, City Centre Regeneration Group - Glasgow City Council
Who's Attending

Who's Attending