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Government regulation: Industry has a unique role

08 Jun 2022
Stage 1
Efficient Buildings
Battling climate change and moving the property industry towards a Zero Carbon, Zero Waste ideal is fraught with entrenched vested interests, conflicting priorities and basic disagreements about what should be measured, calculated and reported on. From central government’s building regulations to local authorities’ policies and design guidelines, to developers trying to make a profit while committing to sustainability, to pressure groups and advisory bodies, to architects, engineers, specifiers and contractors squeezed at the end of the food chain, the complex landscape seems to consist of nothing but silos. How can the industry arrive at a useful collaborative model that guarantees efficiency and the best possible outcome for a truly sustainable future?
Andrew Singer QC, Deputy Head of Chambers - Kings Chambers
Hero Bennett, Sustainability Leader - Max Fordham
James Woodall, Head of Sustainability - Allies and Morrison
Deborah Walker, Director of Strategy and Internal Affairs - British Property Federation
Who's Attending

Who's Attending