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Hydrogen: Which decade and what sectors?

07 Jun 2022
Stage 2
Zero Carbon Energy

Over 90% of the hydrogen currently produced in the UK is fossil-fuel based and low-cost clean or ‘green’ hydrogen will require a huge step-change in Carbon Capture and Storage’ (CCS), or a significant excess of renewable energy.

  • Is hydrogen the solution to decarbonise our existing 27m homes and workplaces
  • Can it be deployed in time to realise our legally binding 2050 net zero target
  • Does it have a role in new build?
  • Is it the silver bullet?
  • What role do local authorities have in supporting the development of this fuel source?
Jason Horner, Director of Infrastructure & Environment - Hilson Moran
Bill Ireland, CEO - Logan Energy Limited
Rosie Atkins, Senior Engineer - WSP
Who's Attending

Who's Attending