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London Borough of Haringey: Zero Carbon by 2041

07 Jun 2022
Stage 2
Zero Carbon Energy
London Borough of Haringey: Zero Carbon by 2041

Haringey have committed to a Net Zero Action Plan enabling them to be Carbon Zero by 2041. Joe Baker, Head of Carbon shares the process used by the council to break this mammoth task down in to manageable work streams, identifying the scale of the problem and then setting about solving each of them one by one. The Action Plan covers six key topics:

  • Council activities
  • Homes in the borough - 15,000 deep retrofit by 2035 and how to assist homes in private ownership 
  • Businesses in the borough - tackling the big emitters in the council area
  • Transport
  • Renewable energy generation - with a £75m investment program over 7 years
  • Community empowerment and behavioural change

Haringey will take you through the process of outline business case right through to the delivery of deep retrofit and other project types.

Steve Hall, CEO - Crown Hosting
Joe Baker, Head of Carbon Management - London Borough of Haringey
Stephen Cook, Director Energy, Cities and Climate Change - ARUP
Anne Gilpin, Senior Engineer - Arup
Who's Attending

Who's Attending