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Waste Heat the city scale

09 Jun 2022
Stage 3
Financing the Carbon Revolution
Waste Heat the city scale

Cities generate heat in a phenomena known as the urban heat island. What if we could harness this heat for our benefit rather than it exacerbating climate change? In this session Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) and the consultant team will discuss how the district heating systems at Park Royal are being developed to generate real carbon savings and generate revenue covering:

  • site context and scale of the opportunity
  • technical details of the solution
  • governance of district heating at scale
  • commercial opportunities
Dan Epstein , Principal Environmental Sustainability Officer - OPDC
Emma Fryer, Partner - ERM
Nicola Esposito, ESG Consultancy - CBRE
Channa Karunaratne, Lead for AECOMs Decentralised Energy team - Aecom
Pip Squire, Head of Energy, Design and Innovation - Crown Hosting
Who's Attending

Who's Attending