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Carbon Offsetting - Where is your carbon pot best spent?

09 Jun 2022
Stage 2
Financing the Carbon Revolution
Carbon Offsetting - Where is your carbon pot best spent?

Once all efforts to improve fabric and utilise renewable energy sources have been exhausted, carbon offsetting provides the final tool to realise Net Zero Carbon buildings. Carbon offset credits are secured from projects resulting in a reduction in GHG emissions, or an increase in carbon storage, and are used to compensate for emissions that occur elsewhere. These projects can have a wide range of values or co-benefits, such as a Transition Fund approach. This session will:

  • look at standards to verify and validate the carbon emission reductions achieved by offsetting projects
  • provide clarity on sustainable ways to offset carbon and demonstrate with case studies
  • look at the differences between Carbon accreditation systems in the marketplace
  • provides guidance on high value carbon offsets and transparency on how your credits and funds are being spent
  • look at the difference between land-based and other carbon credit solutions
Benjamin Hall, Founder & Managing Director - LOFT
Brian Oronoz, Carbon Market Coordinator - Plan Vivo
Marie-Louise Schembri, Design Director - Hilson Moran
Justin Guest, Partner - Archipelago
Andrew Baker, UK Woodland Carbon Markets Advisor - UK Woodland Carbon Code
Who's Attending

Who's Attending