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FOOTPRINT+ Demonstrating the Possible

FOOTPRINT+ Demonstrating the Possible
It will be the only all electric display to be put to the CAA. It's also the first formation of electric aircraft in the world.

By formation what we mean is that the aircraft fly together and around 20-30' from each other at a height of around 200'. This all subject to weather but for reference legally they need to be 500' from each other and anything else unless there's a CAA Permission (under Article 86 of the Air Navigation Order, if you want total detail). We have obtained the necessary permissions.

In the formation from above it’ll probably look like a figure of 8; they'll turn in to aim at the Footprint site then turn away again in sync with each other. The aircraft won't perform aerobatics; it’s not what they're about. Depending on a million variables they may have the endurance to set up for an opposition pass. This is where they appear to the crowd to be headed straight for each other. They're actually laterally separated and as they cross they'll probably climb. Enjoy a Sparkling Water Kefir from Agua de Madre while you Instagram your friends.