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08 Sep 2020

FOOTPRINT+ Conference

FOOTPRINT+ Conference

FOOTPRINT Conference is the place to learn about emerging technologies and see how they can be adopted in everyday practice to accelerate action against climate change. It’s a complex and rapidly moving subject.

Knowledge will be made available to the people working on the ground. All sessions will be livestreamed, filmed and made available to a global audience. After the event, members of exhibitors’ teams will have remote access to become involved in the discussions wherever they are based. Three themes will be explored:

Materials and the Circular Economy 

This stage will cover the embodied energy of materials, construction waste, the Circular Economy and closed-loop systems. The challenge is to balance the environment crisis against the needs of the population for or more buildings and infrastructure. By switching to reusable construction materials lifetime emissions for buildings can be slashed by 44% by 2050.

Zero Carbon Energy  

Hosted by Hilson Moran Engineers, the Zero Carbon Energy stage will run a program of discussion and education about energy generation and decarbonisation of the National grid and Gas networks. When you walk back down to the beach and look over at the wind farm it will be with a completely different level of understanding.

Efficient Buildings

Hosted by multi environmental award-winning Max Fordham LLP, engineers who have been designing exemplar sustainable buildings for over 50 years. Efficient engineering is a founding principle and their programme will concentrate on state of the art developments within low energy, passive design and efficient operation of buildings.

We are absolutely delighted to have all these experts on board.

Conference Programme