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20 Jul 2023

"FOOTPRINT+ Steve's Newsletter" by Steve Gilchrist, Circular Steel

I attended FOOTPRINT+ for the second year running. Last year, I was able to be there for two days (see 2022 write ups 1 and 2), however this year I had to cut things short to just the first day and was a little pre-occupied trying to work in the background and also sit on a panel about talking about steel (of course!).

I saw this brilliant image being shared on LinkedIn and asked Ana if I could share it further via the newsletter. Ana agreed, and also provided the following summary of FOOTPRINT+ in her words:

FOOTPRINT+ conference brought together different stakeholders across Architecture, engineering and construction industry to discuss sustainable solutions for the build environment. During the three days, participants were able to ‘seat around the same table’ share not only best practices but also pitfalls, experiences and learning journeys.

We are all doing our best to tackle climate emergency and meet net zero targets, however if we join forces, maximise efforts, share knowledge, network and generate synergies that allow us to learn from each other and move on the right direction.


Written by Steve Gilchrist

Graphic by Ana Rute Costa