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10 Dec 2020

Property Week featuring Moda Living and FOOTPRINT+

Property Week featuring Moda Living and FOOTPRINT+
Johnny Caddick

FOOTPRINT advisory board member and exhibitor Moda Living is featuring in Property Week today speaking about their sustainability commitment and involvement with FOOTPRINT+


"We can pull additional levers to align the management of our spaces with sustainability goals in relation to placement, design and construction. We removed single-use plastics in our public spaces and chose low-impact cleaning products and environmentally friendly chemicals. Consumers are increasingly interested in the ethics of companies, and as a lifestyle brand, we have a responsibility to deliver.

But it goes much deeper than this. There is an emerging movement of innovative, like-minded individuals joining forces to discuss how we can move towards a zero-carbon future. Footprint is a collective of forward-thinking authorities, developers, investors, designers, consultants, and contractors collaborating to find economic, sustainable solutions that will shift UK planning policy and accelerate action against climate change. It is already being promoted by shadow minister Peter Kyle MP, Caroline Lucas MP and driven by renowned architects Emily Day and Tim Pyne, together with Sophie Law-Smith, the champion of Design Brighton. The clock is ticking. Decision-makers in the built environment must act now, not tomorrow. Join us in reducing our footprint and help us achieve green, zero-carbon living for the generations of the future."

Johnny Caddick is managing director of Moda Living

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