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03 Nov 2022

Morgan Sindall on results in decarbonising the supply chain

Morgan Sindall on results in decarbonising the supply chain

When the £3.2bn construction group Morgan Sindall approached us to become the first contractor to sponsor The Circular Economy at FOOTPRINT+ they described their initiatives to de-carbonise their supply chain. We found this really ground-breaking. Engaging a large subcontractor supply chain to reduce carbon emissions is notoriously difficult, but Morgan Sindall have adopted an innovative approach at project level through proactive dialogue, collaboration and inviting their supply chain to be part of the solution.   

Morgan Sindall call this their Ten Tonne Challenge initiative; their construction project teams collaborate with the supply chain to take action on sites. This has already reduced carbon by 12,049 tonnes across 37 projects just in the last twelve months, and is informing a library of best practice to share across future projects.  

Amongst this and other initiatives they look forward to sharing their experiences, ideas and findings at FOOTPRINT+ 2023.