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05 Mar 2024

MPs overwhelmingly back mandatory solar panels for new-builds

MPs overwhelmingly back mandatory solar panels for new-builds

Eight in ten MPs (79%) support making solar panels mandatory for all new-build homes, according to a new YouGov poll released today.

The Government is consulting on proposals for regulations for new-build homes that will come into force in 2025, with two options – one to mandate solar panels for all new homes, and one to not mandate them.

According to the YouGov poll, 79% of all MPs, and 83% of Labour MPs, agree that solar panels should be incorporated into all new-builds from 2025.

Three in five (61%) MPs believe that battery storage, which can maximise the gains from solar panels, should be mandatory in new homes as well. That figure rises to 77% for Labour MPs.

The poll comes as the Government is considering crucial new regulations that will set standards for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and carbon reduction under the Future Homes Standard. The Future Homes Standard is due to come into force from next year.

Campaigners say the new regulations present a key opportunity to boost renewable energy in the UK and lock in low energy bills for homeowners. The MCS Foundation, which commissioned the YouGov poll, say that MPs’ clear support for solar power and battery storage shows a recognition that the future lies in homes that can generate their own clean energy.

David Cowdrey, Director of External Affairs at the MCS Foundation, said, “When it comes to constructing modern homes that are climate-friendly and cheap to run, building-in solar panels, batteries for energy storage, and heat pumps from the start is very clearly the way to go.

“It is very encouraging that...

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