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08 Apr 2024

Q&A with Arran Aris, UK Division Manager at Simpson Strong-Tie

Q&A with Arran Aris, UK Division Manager at Simpson Strong-Tie

Why is it important that the UK’s property, planning and sustainability sectors come together at FOOTPRINT+? 

Simpson Strong-Tie is committed to those promoting a circular carbon cycle. It’s important that our industry comes together to tackle the environmental challenges faced globally. FOOTPRINT+ is the ideal opportunity to promote best practices to the world. 

What did you hear about our last year’s event which has made you want to come to FOOTPRINT+? 

For Simpson Strong-Tie, FOOTPRINT+ clearly provides the ideal audience of those seeking to achieve Net Zero through reduced carbon. Mass Timber is very much spearheading the campaign and it’s a journey that Simpson Strong-Tie very much want to be a part of. 

When you attend FOOTPRINT in 2024 what will you be sharing with conference delegates, policy makers, your partners, and your industry peers?  

It’s exciting times at Simpson Strong-Tie. Across Europe SST is launching a new mass timber fastener range called Solid Drive.  Alongside our suite of structural fastenings and CLT connectors, we demonstrate “Solid Wood” - our web application for rapidly identifying the optimal structural fastenings for any CLT project. In addition to this Simpson Strong-Tie has UKTA on the new Solid Drive fastener range adding further acclaim to the ETA, CE, DoP and EPD already held. 

What are you looking to get out of the FOOTPRINT event? 

We are focusing a great deal of our energy on fine tuning solutions to enhance the design and construction of buildings using sustainable materials such as cross laminated timber. We hope to meet many like-minded professionals at FOOTPRINT+.  

Being present at FOOTPRINT+ will allow the opportunity to demonstrate the new free to use Solid Wood software. SST shall also be available to advise on its best in class UK stocked fasteners and look forward to catching up with existing friends and making new contacts. 

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