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Q&A with Hannah Baker, Chair of Sustainability Strategy, EPR Architects

Q&A with Hannah Baker, Chair of Sustainability Strategy, EPR Architects

Why is it important that the UK’s property, planning and sustainability sectors come together at FOOTPRINT+? 

Collaboration is at the heart of how we work at EPR, and now more than ever it's critical that the UK's property sectors come together to tackle the complex intersection of sustainability.  

What did you hear about / experience at our last year’s event which has made you want to come back? 

Last year at FOOTPRINT+, I experienced an atmosphere of like-minded companies and individuals coming together, which allowed for incredibly valuable conversations with fellow professionals and clients, all of whom were keen to step up to the challenge of evidence-based, sustainable design.  

When you attend FOOTPRINT+ in May 2024 what will you be sharing with conference delegates, policymakers, your partners, and your industry peers? 

The successes of our new net zero carbon in operation London studio, All Saints, as well as showcase our ongoing retrofit projects and experience designing resilient buildings and places that are not only low or net zero carbon, but are built to last. 

What are you looking to get out of the FOOTPRINT+ event? 

I'm looking forward to sharing our challenges and successes from the last year, and with 2030 only six years away, hearing about all of the fantastic innovations from suppliers and consultants that have advanced in the last year!