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24 Apr 2024

Q&A with Richard Fletcher, Chief Revenue Officer, IES

Q&A with Richard Fletcher, Chief Revenue Officer, IES

Why is it important that the UK’s property, planning and sustainability sectors come together at FOOTPRINT+?  

The property sector accounts for a significant proportion of the UK’s carbon emissions and as time closes in on the race to zero, we have a lot of ground to cover in a relatively short space of time to turn those net-zero targets into reality.  

Buildings, as we know, are incredibly complex entities and there are a multitude of factors to consider when it comes to optimising performance and identifying the best decarbonisation strategies for any given asset. Events like FOOTPRINT+ provide vital opportunities for stakeholders from across the property, planning and sustainability sectors to come together, share best practice and exchange ideas on how best to navigate these challenges together. 

What did you hear about / experience at our last year’s event which has made you want to come back?  

While 2024 will be our first year exhibiting at FOOTPRINT+, we have heard good things from industry partners and colleagues that have attended in the past. We are looking forward to experiencing this year’s event first hand and to building new connections. 

When you attend FOOTPRINT+ in May 2024 what will you be sharing with conference delegates, policy makers, your partners, and your industry peers?   
Having spent the past three decades at the forefront of delivering sustainable analysis technology and consulting services to improve the energy and carbon performance of buildings, we will be sharing our latest technology updates and highlighting the many ways in which we can support the UK property sector in delivering improved performance outcomes at every stage in the building lifecycle. 

What are you looking to get out of the FOOTPRINT+ event? 
We are keen to engage with a variety of industry stakeholders that share our vision for a decarbonised built environment. Collaboration will be key to achieving our net-zero goals so we are looking forward to forming new partnerships and engaging with clients, old and new, to help them make the most of the opportunities that dynamic simulation and digital twins can provide to decarbonise our building stock.