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10 Jun 2024

Zero Carbon real estate solutions are gaining momentum

Zero Carbon real estate solutions are gaining momentum

The buzz at last week's FOOTPRINT+ event gave an exciting glimpse into the rapid progress underway to decarbonise the real estate industry. Held at Old Billingsgate in London, the exhibitor lineup showcased a range of innovative solutions primed to usher buildings into a sustainable, zero carbon future.

Leading the charge were companies like Reusefully Ltd, whose circular economy advisors guide projects through strategies like material reuse, waste reduction and low-carbon design across every stage of a building's lifecycle. In a world consumed by construction's environmental toll, their holistic approach proves that change is not just possible, but taking practical form.

Other exhibitors highlighted the rise of nature-positive development models. Environment Bank enables construction impacts to be offset through purchasing biodiversity credits that fund the creation of new habitats like woodlands and wetlands. Similarly inspired was Viritopia, whose eye-catching living green walls help reintroduce biodiversity and improve air quality in urban areas.

From renewable energy providers like Wattstor enabling onsite solar and battery storage, to sustainable furniture craftsmen like Vepa UK Ltd, innovators across every sector are pioneering zero carbon solutions. Advisors like BRE and EPEA GmbH – Part of Drees & Sommer are equipping the industry with the expertise to navigate new sustainability imperatives. Companies like Smarter Technologies are also contributing with real-time asset tracking systems and smart building technologies.

As regulations tighten and socially-conscious consumers demand bold climate action, one thing is clear - the real estate sector is stepping up with the cutting-edge products, services and minds needed to realise a radical reinvention. Last week's FOOTPRINT+ event was a promising sign that a zero carbon built environment is increasingly within reach.



By Pav Singh

Partnerships Manage EMEA 

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