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Bertie Van Wyk

Bertie Van Wyk

Senior Insight Strategist, MillerKnoll
I am a critical thinking Insight Strategist with almost 2 decades experience in future work trends and changing business processes. Through my understanding of humancentric design and workplace development, I effectively equip organisations and individuals with the knowledge and skills to become more productive, healthy and connected in work.

As a Leesman Advanced Practitioner I am trained to interpret Leesman data and distribute their expert knowledge within the industry to improving work environments.

My work covers the Hybrid Strategies, Future Of Work, Workplace Experience, Workplace Design, Cognitive Design, Collaboration, Science Behind Happiness, Wellbeing in Work and much more.

My lust for life is clearly visible in my presentation & communication style, and through this I am able not only to expand client thinking, but to transform it.
Join me on Instagram at @bertie_workplace or twitter at @bertievw

Specialities: workplace strategy, future of work, employee experience, int business management, motivation, creativity, budgeting, coaching, business development, project analyses, consulting, contract management, customer relations, advanced presentation skills, customer service, challenger selling, int marketing , relationship building, employee engagement, research, sales, strategic planning and account management.