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Brendan Geraghty

Brendan Geraghty

United Kingdom

Architect, design and development strategist Brendan Geraghty is a recognised Build to Rent (BTR) thought leader who has been active in the sector since 2011. Brendan is known for actively championing the integration of consumer culture in BTR with a ‘brand before building’ approach.

Brendan combines deep generalist and broad specialist knowledge, creating structured development and consumer centric BTR strategies, integrating consumer culture principles with investment requirements. He has spent 16 years in senior roles, including with Centred Architecture, Optim and Geraghty Taylor Architects, before becoming CEO of the ARL (the Association for Rental Living) – formerly the UKAA - in 2022.

Spearheading the ARL’s leadership through high quality knowledge and research, Brendan will be supporting the organisation to serve as the voice of the rental living sector including Build to Rent in the UK. He will also explore new relationships with others in the residential sector with an interest in the rental living sector including housing associations, contractors and house builders as well as pressing ESG issues such as Net Zero Carbon.

The ARL ( previously known as the UK Apartment Association (UKAA), represents all institutionally backed, professionally managed purpose-built rental living sectors including urban and suburban single-family and multi-family rental, co-living and later living.

Continuing the legacy of the UKAA, the ARL is the recognised membership body for the BTR sector, and its subsectors, delivering an increasingly amplified and unified voice for the purpose-built rental sector. Its vision is to redefine the very concept of rental living through the global transformation of the sector, pioneering a world where exceptional, sustainable homes to rent are a first choice.

ARL membership currently stands at c. 330 organisations across the rental living sector ecosystem, reaching 4,500+ professionals. It is committed to setting and raising standards across the BTR sector as demonstrated by the soon to be launched, BTR Code of Practice. The ARL is also a member of the global alliance of the NAA (National Apartment Association of USA), which represents over 82,000

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