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Chris Price

Chris Price

Sustainability Consultant and Embodied Carbon Specialist, Max Fordham LLP

Chris specialises in helping drive down Embodied Carbon emissions and develop meaningful Circular Economy initiatives.

With over six years’ experience as a Structural Engineer, he has a broad technical expertise in structural systems, materials, and the construction process as a whole. Utilising this specialist knowledge, he effectively engages with the wider design team and suggests, facilitates and guides strategies to reduce the carbon impacts of schemes.

Chris’ project portfolio includes mixed-use high rise residential, offices, hotels, student accommodation, an underground station and refurbishments of historic structures. This eclectic mix allows him to quickly understand the constraints of a scheme and identify the main high-carbon targets that might be present in a ‘business-as-usual’ approach.

Chris has been appointed to the UKGBC Task Group for Whole Life Carbon reductions through Circular Economy Principles. He is also a member of the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) Circular Economy team drafting content for an upcoming publication.