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Eleni Polychroniadou

Eleni Polychroniadou

CEO, Sintali

Eleni Polychroniadou is the CEO and co-founder of Sintali, an environmental verification company focused on bringing transparency and credibility to the real estate sector. Sintali acts as a global certifier for the IFC’s EDGE green building program and is dedicated to ensuring that every building on this planet is green. Her systemic thinking approach and international background propel her work, which focuses on creating local markets and increasing the uptake of green buildings across the value chain. Her work spans from grassroots community engagement to top-down collaboration with policymakers and financial institutions, bridging the gaps between sustainability knowledge and green building implementation.

Beyond her work at Sintali, Eleni is committed to fostering community engagement and supporting the next generation of sustainability leaders through mentorship. Eleni also serves as a Trustee of the National Biodiversity Network Trust, the UK’s largest partnership for nature data.